Future of air festival May I please through your columns ask the electors in the BCP Council ‘constituency’ to write to their councillors and make their views known regarding the future of the Bournemouth Air Festival.

I have been told in a reply from Amanda Barrie, director of commercial operations at BCP Council, to Sir Conor Burns, MP:

There will be no public consultation on the future of the air festival. There is no statutory duty to do so.

The council has established a task and finish review group made up of officers, councillors and representatives from the local business and tourism sectors to ensure 'full consideration'. They will present their recommendations later this year.

In other words, this council does not hold itself accountable to the electorate who voted them into office to represent their best interests.

We can be trusted to consult on the colour of their paper clips, but not something so important it will affect the economic stability of the region for years to come.

We must take back ownership and make our views known before it is too late.


Downey Close, Wallisdown