A WARNING to motorists parking in the NCP car park in Terrace Road, Bournemouth.

I paid to park but three weeks later received a parking charge notice from NCP with a £60 fine (or £100 if not paid within 14 days). This included photographic evidence.

I knew I had paid but of course no longer had the small receipt from the car park machine.

I was about to pay this when a friend suggested that I might have paid with a card and have proof on a bank statement. Luckily I did, so was able to submit this to NCP.

In reply I received a brief letter informing me that there had been an error.

Had I panicked and paid the charge, or been unable to provide proof of payment, or indeed paid in cash, NCP would have received an additional £60 from me in addition to the cost of parking.

I wonder how many other unfortunate souls have been caught like this?


Crichel Mount Road, Poole