POLICE have been alerted to dangerous and inconsiderate drivers at a Bournemouth school.

Police have warned they will take robust action to reduce the risk to vulnerable road users.

Officers received reports of careless drivers during pick-up and drop-off times at Glenmoor Academy.

Posting on social media, police in Bournemouth said: “Parents of students who attend Glenmoor school... please be considerate when dropping your children off. We have received reports of inconsiderate and dangerous driving and parking at pick up and drop off times. Whilst the school staff have been trying to manage this it is not acceptable for them to receive abuse and aggression. Bournemouth North NPT will take robust action alongside our partners to reduce the risk to vulnerable road users so please consider your travel plans and whether another method of transport can be considered or whether parking a short walk away is reasonable. Please be considerate of each other and the school.”

Earlier this year, BCP Council introduced pilot measures to improve safety around schools in the area.

A four-school pilot scheme restricted vehicle access and aimed to promote walking and cycling.

The Daily Echo has approached the school for more information.