THE government’s proposal in response to the increasing number of vicious attacks, some fatal, on men, women and children, by American XL Bullies, to have the breed banned by the end of the year, has predictably been met with howls of outrage by some dog-lovers, who believe it is owners who are to blame for the attacks – not the dogs.

Those who feel that way are obviously of the same breed (pun intended) as those Americans who oppose any attempt by their government to tighten up gun-control laws, and, every time there is a mass shooting trot out the same tired and utterly vacuous mantra ‘It’s people who kill, not guns!’

For my part I cannot understand why anyone would want to own an animal that looks aggressive and threatening, even at the best of times.

I wonder just how many more people are going to be savagely mauled or killed by XL Bullies before the breed is banned altogether?


Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth