WHY have we left our beach front to become the wild west of the south coast on summer days?

As local residents we are fortunate to spend our weekends on the beach front and it amazes me how little oversight is provided by BCP beach wardens and the police.

It appears anything goes these days… with huge sound systems, boy racers, blatant smoking of marijuana, camping on the beach and a parking free for all. Given our beaches are the crown jewel of of local area, why on earth do we not enforce some basic standards of safety and public order?

The prom between the piers requires a far greater presence from dawn till dusk.

When perfect summer weather is forecast, like the weekend just gone, BCP and Dorset Police should be able to plan ahead to make sure they have the right staff in the right places.

A starting point would be to have beach wardens out patrolling again, upholding expectations (such as stopping BBQ’s, camping and out of control sound systems) and having police support when required.

If we want Bournemouth to be the gold standard of UK seaside resorts, let’s start protecting it and our residents.


Littledown Avenue, Bournemouth