Plans to breathe new life into Boscombe's Royal Arcade have been revealed.

The arcade was built by local property developer, Archibald Beckett, as part of a major Boscombe expansion.

Shortly after opening in 1892, the Royal Arcade led the way in technology as an early adopter of electric lighting.

The arcade had a small balcony stage from which entertainers often performed for the swelling masses below.

When opened, the arcade was known as Grand Continental Arcade and was slightly different to most in the fact that it was in the shape of an “L”

Bournemouth Echo: Boscombe Arcade c. 1895. built by Mr Archibald Beckett 1893. Cost over £40,000.

The Royal Arcade cost more than £40,000 to build.

Between 1888 and 1895 Archibald was also responsible for the building of several blocks of shops, the Salisbury Hotel and a Grand Theatre – as well as the iconic arcade.