THE Bournemouth hub of J.P. Morgan has been doing its bit to support Ukraine following Russia’s invasion.

The company has run several initiatives out of Bournemouth to raise important funds for the war-torn country.

Most recently, J.P. Morgan completely a candle rolling project, which saw 250 volunteers create 1,000 candles out of beeswax in just one day.

These are set to be given to individuals and families in Ukraine who are experiencing rolling electricity blackouts, providing light but also serving as a symbol of hope and peace.

The company’s Bournemouth hub has also provided huge support to Ukraine Relief – a charity set up to help the people of Ukraine.

Lottie Forte, community engagement manager at Bournemouth J.P. Morgan, said she was “extremely proud” of the company’s work with Ukraine Relief, and that her colleagues have been “fantastic” in getting behind it.

Karol Swiacki, Ukraine Relief founder and CEO, said: “Forte, and her team at J.P. Morgan, provides outstanding support for our charity and the local Ukrainian community.

“We are proud of the opportunity to work together to create a meaningful future for those in need, irrespective as to where they now find themselves.

“We look forward to working together to meet the challenges facing Ukraine and our Ukrainians friends.

“Together we aim to make the world a better place."