PLANS have been submitted for a new advertising screen to be installed on a main route into Christchurch.

The 8m LCD screen would be located at the corner of Hurn Road and Hillside Drive, and set back from the road.

The purpose of the screen is to “prominently display advertisements”.

Philip Caseley, managing director of JPC Highway Consultants Ltd, has produced a statement in support of the application.

He said: “The flow past the site being one of the main routes into Christchurch is ideal for a proposal such as this being a prominent position so as to warrant the erection and adverting costs of its implementation.

“The sign will be set back from the public highway so there will be no implication for visibility around the corner or from the junction.

“It is however suitably located so as not to distract drivers as the alignment will be aimed at those entering Christchurch and no others.”