A YOUNG girl who was left paralysed at the age of three and had to learn how to walk again is on course to realise her dream of becoming a full-time ballerina.

Bournemouth 11-year-old Emilia Paynter recently performed in the production of Swan Lake despite being diagnosed with rare nerve damaging condition Guillain-Barré Syndrome in 2015.

Mum Gabi Paynter said Emilia’s symptoms began as a common cold before taking her to the hospital.

“In two weeks, she was completely paralysed a part from one side of her face.

“She was supposed to go on a ventilator but in the last minute she started to recover.”

Bournemouth Echo: Emilia Paynter recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome.Emilia Paynter recovering from Guillain-Barré syndrome. (Image: Gabi Paynter)

Guillain-Barré Syndrome is usually diagnosed in male adults and is very rare to be found in children.

Most people will recover from six months up to several years however, one in twenty people will die from the condition and one in five people will be left with long term problems.

Emilia had to re-learn how to walk and talk at the age of three, and still gets residual pain now from the nerve damage.

“She has slight pain in her legs, but she finds that dancing helps,” Gabi said.

“If she’s moving and she’s active, she is in a lot less pain than if she’s just sat around doing nothing.”

Through her recovery, dance partner and best friend Lilly Reynolds has been supporting Emilia.

“Lilly knows exactly when Emmy is in pain, she just knows her so well and now they’ve managed to go on and do this together it is unbelievable,” Gabi said.

Emilia and Lilly both recently performed in English Youth Ballet’s production of Swan Lake, after auditioning alongside 160 other young dancers.

Bournemouth Echo: Emilia Paynter (left) and Lilly Reynolds (right). Emilia Paynter (left) and Lilly Reynolds (right). (Image: Gabi Paynter)

The pair also won the title of national champions at the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing in their rock and roll performance.

“We’ve been dancing since we were like one years old, we do everything together, literally everything.” said Emilia.

“We’re at school together, we go to dancing every night together and our siblings and mums are best friends so it kind of makes sense that we’re best friends!”

Emilia will soon be completing her ballet exams in the hopes to audition for more roles.

She said: “It is just what I love the most.”