THREE young ballet dancers from Bournemouth and Wimborne have earned their spot in the professional production of Swan Lake.

Antony Dearlove, 14, Emilia Paynter, 11 and Lilly Reynolds, 11, were chosen to be part of the cast of English Youth Ballet’s production of Swan Lake, after auditioning alongside 160 other young dancers.

They are now experiencing the lives of professional dancers, with the cast rehearsing for 60 hours over 10 days on weekends.

English Youth Ballet Principle, Lyndsey Fraser starring as Odile, said: "I wish I had danced with EYB when I was young. 

"The dancers learn so much about performance skills and the artistry of ballet."

Bournemouth Echo: English Youth Ballet principles: Lindsey Fraser and Joshua WebbEnglish Youth Ballet principles: Lindsey Fraser and Joshua Webb (Image: English Youth Ballet)

The young dancers are described as some of the best in the local area.

Janet Lewis MBE, EYB Director, said: “The cast have shown great enthusiasm and excitement in their rehearsals so far.

"Since the past year of lockdowns with the many restrictions, they are displaying a sense of freedom that is boosting their self-confidence and wellbeing.

"The cast are working hard not only on their ballet technique but on their performance quality that expresses the part they are dancing."

The young stars will be performing alongside international professional dancers at The Kings Theatre in Portsmouth from Friday, April 28 to Saturday, April 29.