Fans of the popular housekeeping Facebook group Mrs Hinch have shared an easy life hack for getting rid of grease and stains from your otherwise lovely kitchen.

Oily stains are a common problem for kitchen surfaces and can be difficult to remove but Mrs Hinch fans have found a simple way to remove these unsightly marks.

Dealing with this issue doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg as there is a solution costing just £1.

One Facebook user took to the cleaning page to share their tip for dealing with the annoying problem of grease.

Bournemouth Echo: (Canva) Mrs Hinch fans took to Facebook to share the £1 life hack (Canva) Mrs Hinch fans took to Facebook to share the £1 life hack (Image: Canva)

Mrs Hinch fan reveals £1 life hack for getting rid of grease and stains from your kitchen surfaces 

One user asked for advice on the forum, saying: "How do I get rid of oily cooking stains from my kitchen cabinets? Thanking you in advance."

Cleaning enthusiasts were quick to offer advice with one user recommending that they buy 'Elbow grease' from the pound shop.

They explained that the product is simple to use with instructions directing customers to "spray evenly over the surface, wait a few minutes then wipe with a damp cloth. A second application may be required depending on build-up."

The spray is also safe to use on fabrics, metals and plastics, making it suitable for carpets, microwaves and barbeques.

Other users agreed with using this product, with one writing: "Elbow Grease is 100% the best".

Another added: "Hot soapy water, Elbow Grease wash up liquid, and dry. Don't use harsh chemicals as it takes away the protective layer."

Mrs Hinch fans share life hack for stopping bathroom mould

This comes as Mrs Hinch fans suggested another hack great at getting rid of damp and mould from your home.

The hack involved using grout revival paste to give your bathroom grout a glow-up with users also praising the product for its mould-repelling abilities.

The user who shared the advice said: "I've tried grout pens in the past and find them not so great as they wash off after a while. Found some grout reviver paste on Amazon and it's the best way to remove the marks.

"You squeeze it on, leave it for three to four hours, then wipe the residue off without the need to scrub. The results speak for themselves. Super pleased and only cost £3.50 to do. It has an anti-mould barrier built in too, so it even prevents mould growth while removing tough stains."