A MAN from Christchurch is fuming after a two-month long battle with British Airways left him out of pocket and frustrated.

Lee Griffiths, 28, and his partner Amanda Blackmun, 26, from Somerford Road, jetted to Paris for a weekend in April but their return flight to Heathrow was cancelled due to snow on the runway.

Lee and Amanda say they were told by the airline to take the Eurostar back to London and that they would be fully refunded for the £350 they had to pay out, providing they submitted their stamped timetables and refund form.

But, according to Lee, the airline still hasn't reimbursed them despite acknowledging that their own staff told passengers to make the alternative arrangements.

Lee said: "We didn't choose to take the Eurostar on our own initiative but were told to by BA. They cannot tell members of the public to take the Eurostar, assure them they would be refunded and then just ignore it.

"This is appalling customer service and I want to make local people more aware of it, especially with the summer season coming up.

"At the time it didn't even occur to me we wouldn't be reimbursed.

"We were sure it would be fine. If we'd had any doubts we wouldn't have paid out for it. It's a lot of money."

British Airways said it has contacted the couple and offered them compensation, shopping vouchers and travel vouchers, which it believes is more than adequate.

Lee said: "BA have offered us £200 compensation but the refund of the return flight does not cover our costs.

"We have been onto them time and time again about the vouchers. We want a full refund as we are still out of pocket by almost £200.

"We won't be using BA again so the vouchers are of no use to us and after all, they're not going to pay the bills."