DORSET dogs are being called upon to take part in an opera this spring.

Romantic opera La Bohème is coming to the Bournemouth Pavilion in March- but there’s a star role with a pooch’s name on it waiting to be filled.

If your dog is the canine equivalent of Brad Pitt or Scarlett Johansson, then it could be a role for them.

They just need to be well behaved, small, used to people and quiet – and as his owner, you will need to be prepared to go on-stage in costume to look after him or her.

Award-winning opera director and producer Ellen Kent said: “People say never work with children or animals, but I love to do both.

"The first time was 20 years ago when my pet cat Holly Go-Lightly was in one of my productions and was an instant hit. Since then we’ve had horses, dogs, goldfish and even a golden eagle with a 6ft wingspan on stage.

“Many years ago, when we last did La Bohème and asked local people to volunteer their pets it was a huge success. We even used a rescue dog once and found him dozens of new owners. We’re a nation of animal lovers after all. I’m sure there is plenty of doggie talent out there.”

To audition your dog, email Angela Klappa at with a picture of your dog along with their breed, height, weight, age and name, plus your contact number and address.

La Bohème will be at the Bournemouth Pavilion on Wednesday, March 29 and 7.30pm.

Tickets are available from