DIMINUTIVE balladeer James Blunt has been in Dorset for the filming of his latest video.

The chart topper, who shot to fame with 2005 hit You're Beautiful, filmed at sites around the county, including the stunning Jurassic coast, in the video for his latest single Carry You Home, released on Monday.

It also features soldiers from Bovington in night fighting sequences filmed at a training ground at the camp in late January.

Captain Graeme Hynds, assistant press officer at Bovington Camp, said the film crew were there for just a few hours at one night in January, but Blunt was not with them.

He said: "They turned up with lots of lights and lots of power. We provided six or seven soldiers and they just got on with it. It was pretty slick."

Blunt, a former captain, would have passed through Bovington as part of his training in the Royal Armoured Corps.

Promoting his new single, the third from his second album All the Lost Souls, he told GMTV it was "good to be back" in Dorset.

He left the army in 2002 after serving, among other postings, in a peacekeeping force in Kosovo, where he kept his guitar strapped to the outside of his tank.

Capt Hynds said he was familiar with the military man's music, adding: "It's not my personal taste, but he's had a few number ones so some people obviously like it."

The black and white video features Blunt travelling through Dorset to return a photograph taken from a dead soldier to his heartbroken wife. The flashback fighting scenes were shot at Bovington.