AFTER reading the article regarding the plans for Oakdale Adult Education Centre I was absolutely appalled at the cavalier attitude of BCP Council concerning their so-called plans.

This extra care housing they say they want to put there would not be advantageous to the residents as there are no longer any decent shops close by anymore so they would have to travel to get shopping etc. So how would that help for a start?

Also, just 50 yards down the road are two sheltered housing complex’s called Simmonds Close and Sherrin Close that already cater for elderly and vulnerable – and they are not happy with lack of suitable shops either.

Oakdale school (as it’s always been known to locals) has served Oakdale and surrounding areas for many generations and doesn’t deserve to be cast aside in this way.

It could be divided in such a way that half could be for the elderly to enjoy social events and daytime chats over a light meal and cup of tea etc, and the other half for the young people to enjoy activities and social times just as the youth clubs used to provide.

There is nothing for the young people these days and so it results in antisocial behaviour.

This would be a far better use for the council to consider and it would be helping in so many ways.

We have already lost enough in Poole thanks to entrepreneurs and the council, we don’t need to lose anymore.

Just utilise what we have in the right way.


New Orchard, Poole