Weymouth beach left comedian Susan Calman stunned when she visited the town as part of a TV series.

The seaside town appeared on Channel 5 on Wednesday night during Susan Calman's Grand Week by the Sea.

Cameras showed the Scottish comic disembarking from the land train by Weymouth harbour and turning the corner, where she was gobsmacked to be confronted by Weymouth beach!

She confessed that she didn't realise Weymouth had a big beach.

The episode saw the comedian call in at Abbotsbury Swannery, where she helped the team out at feeding time before enjoying the special honour of counting the new cygnets.

A particular highlight for Susan was holding one of the fluffy little cygnets.

Bournemouth Echo:

Viewers also saw the comedian sum up the courage to eat (and keep down) an oyster served by Mike Naidoo at The Hatch on the Harbour on Custom House Quay.

Most of the programme was filmed during a sunny day in Weymouth, although with an almost deserted beach as Susan constructed a sandcastle, it's likely that filming took place in the low season.

Another Weymouth staple shown in the programme was Weymouth's 'ferry' - the row boat service used to cross the harbour. Arriving the Nothe Fort side of the harbour after the short journey, Susan confessed that it was the best 'ferry' she had ever been on!

Susan also headed to Sandworld to learn from expert sand sculptor Mark Anderson.

She had a go at building her own grand castle, complete with a moat and was amazed at Mark's sculpting talents which saw him easily shaping a cannonball.

One of Weymouth's more unusual B&Bs with a literary theme was featured in the programme. Viewers saw Susan enter the guesthouse's 'Sherlock Holmes' room followed by its 'Pride and Prejudice' room, where she tried out her best Jane Austen character voice.

The show was rounded off showing Weymouth's quirky side, with Susan encountering three 'mermaids' on Weymouth beach, who come to shore to chat about their fantastic lifestyle.

We then saw them brave the waters of Weymouth Bay where they submerged themselves with a flick of their tails.

As she departed the resort, Susan vowed to return to Weymouth to experience its seaside charms once again.

The Weymouth show in Susan Calman's Grand Week by the Sea aired on Channel 5 on Wednesday, August 3 and can be seen on catch up service My 5.