PEOPLE from all walks of life have reacted with sadness to Yellow Buses’ demise. 

Yellow Buses has connected Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole for 120 years, and, as one driver put it, “It hasn’t been a job, we’re a family.” 

Drivers who have been working for the company for decades expressed their “sadness” and “devastation” for Yellow Buses’ collapse. 

One driver in Bournemouth said: “It all happened so quickly. We are all so heartbroken and devastated. It hasn’t just been a job for us, we are like a family.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Yellow Buses has been operating for 120 yearsYellow Buses has been operating for 120 years

Another driver added: “I’m gutted. It’s 12 years down the pan. We were all told by email – it's such a shame, and they don’t keep the public informed.” 

Several drivers say they will look for a job at fellow bus operator Morebus, after the company offered new recruits with a PCV licence a £2,000 welcome bonus. 

Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood said he is "very sorry to see this vital community service ceasing operations", adding: "I hope all efforts will be made to limit the impact this will have on our conurbation as we look to National Express and Morebus to fill the void."

Passengers also expressed their sadness for the hundreds of drivers who face redundancy and unemployment, with many fearing they will be “cut off” from areas of the conurbation. 

Bournemouth Echo: Yellow Buses making their way up Commercial Road, Bournemouth, in the 1970s.Yellow Buses making their way up Commercial Road, Bournemouth, in the 1970s.

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One shopper in Bournemouth town centre said: “I’m not sure what I’m going to do as I live in Bear Cross. 

“I rely on the bus to come here and do shopping. My heart breaks for the drivers as well.” 

Another woman added: “It’s a sad day, really. I remember when I was a little girl and would always see them. They’re a staple of Bournemouth and to see them go is upsetting.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Picture by Richard Crease - 15/9/11 Picture by Richard Crease - 15/9/11

Cllr Lesley Dedman, a Christchurch ward councillor, said: “I’m really sad about Yellow Buses going and it’s been a terrible time.  

“People forget how awful the pandemic has been. We have to remember that they tried their best and I feel sorry for the staff.” 

Residents of Pokesdown, along with many parts of Christchurch, also face being cut off from the rest of the conurbation.  

Bournemouth Echo: A Yellow Bus on its final day, Thursday, August 4A Yellow Bus on its final day, Thursday, August 4

Ward Councillor George Farquhar said: “It’s disappointing it has come to this. I remember Yellow Buses working through covid getting essential workers to work.”