I WAS amused to read that Morebus management are ‘sorry’ to learn that Yellow Buses has gone into administration.

When the council was selling Yellow Buses, Go Ahead (Morebus’ parent company) tried to purchase the company and, had they been successful, I have no doubt Yellow Buses would have disappeared then as its services became integrated into the Morebus brand.

Having then tried and failed to break out all over Bournemouth and Christchurch, Morebus then concentrated on competing with Yellow Buses along Christchurch and Charminster Roads, and adjusted some existing services for no purpose other than competition.

Morebus would no doubt say they were creating new travel opportunities but it would be idle of them to pretend that there their main aim was not to poach Yellow Bus passengers on its profitable routes, a major contributor to the financial difficulties about which Morebus management is now so ‘sorry’.

Morebus say they are ‘ready to step in’ to ensure services are maintained. You bet they are.

Go Ahead will no doubt be first in the queue to ‘save’ the ailing company and if they succeed this time we can certainly say goodbye to 120 years of transport history in Bournemouth.

Ian Graham

Springbank Road, Bournemouth