ORGANISERS have spoken of their disappointment after some Poole Harbour Festival attendees left litter "scattered" throughout Baiter Park.

Following the weekend's festivities, organisers have asked fans to take some "personal responsibility" as they were left to clear up a sea of rubbish.

The organiser of Poole Harbour festival, Ben Dyas, said: "Unfortunately, attendees have left litter on the way to the event, in the event and leaving the event.

"We had a team of six cleaners who have spent days clearing up people's rubbish from the festival.

"We understand that there were over 15,000 people at the event and there is going to be some litter, however, you would have been able to find a bin within 20 yards of wherever you are, so the litter left behind is disappointing.

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"People have to also take personal responsibility.

"Even if bins were full there are plenty of other ones provided that weren't full.

"We don't want any waste that is dropped by public entering the harbour so we have dealt with it in a proper and timely manner. 

"Our team have done a fantastic job clearing up, If you go down there now it's spotless."

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Cllr Vikki Slade, who attended the festival, said: "As we left I was horrified to see things like plastic bottles, food packages all just scattered over the floor. 

"People literally just dropped things and walked away. It wasn't just young people, it was a really broad demographic.

"The festival was mostly locals and I just think how can people do that to their own town.

"There were plenty of bins around, and even if there weren't it's still not an excuse to just drop stuff.

"There were lots of people litter picking at the end but they shouldn't have to. 

"There seemed to be an assumption that the litter pickers would just deal with it, I am so disappointed."