WHEN I read that Yellow Buses had gone into administration I just felt sad and upset because managing director David Squire and the other directors plus drivers have worked very hard through the pandemic to keep Yellow Buses going to provide our community with transport.

It’s not been helped by the ongoing rise in fuel that’s effecting everybody.

I would like to thank them for all their hard work and commitment throughout the BCP Council area and let’s pray that something will happen to help this situation.

Whilst I’m deeply saddened, I’m not surprised and the saddest and worrying thought is that they will not be the only public transport that will go into administration I can see this happening to other bus companies in UK.

The government has to do something before transport is on its knees.

I believe the rising cost of petrol and fuel bills will see people not having public transport at all including school buses and places that are remote.

Yellow Buses going into administration is a great worry to the things that are to come.

Reverend Elaine Glover

Tree Hamlets, Upton