MPs across the conurbation have expressed their sadness at Yellow Buses going into administration. 

The historic company went into administration on Friday, July 29, blaming covid, fuel price rises and the rise in inflation as factors for the company’s struggles. 

Bournemouth East MP Tobias Ellwood said his thoughts are with the 300 staff employed at Yellow Buses, as uncertainty remains over the future of the company. 

Mr Ellwood added: “There is a duty of care by the council to offer services. There is a contract which goes back to the 1985 Transport Act and in that is an obligation from national government that councils ensure that communities are connected. 

Bournemouth Echo: Tobias Ellwood MPTobias Ellwood MP

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“There needs to be a huge effort to make sure that communities who rely on Yellow Buses can still use some form of bus transport. 

“We are fortunate that Yellow Buses isn’t the only network of buses we have. Everybody needs to work hard to see what can be done to see if there is a rescue package.” 

Christchurch MP Sir Christopher Chope questioned the council’s decision on cycle lanes and instead believes buses running for the population is more important. 

Bournemouth Echo: Sir Christopher Chope MPSir Christopher Chope MP

Sir Christopher said: “Public transport is a very tricky issue and there are a lot of issues around how we spend our money. Is it very sensible to spend a whole lot of money on cycle lanes when perhaps actually ensuring the buses run viably is more important perhaps. 

“What we haven't got at the moment is a properly integrated policy in relation to all of this. Buses are being treated as a silo but actually they should be part of the solution to ensuring we have a conurbation that has got good transport links, less congestion and all the rest of it, but I am not in charge.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Poole MP Sir Robert SymsPoole MP Sir Robert Syms

Poole MP Sir Robert Syms added he was "sad" to hear what has happened, adding: "I hope that the receiver will try and keep as many of the routes going as possible in the short term and look for somebody to take the business on.

"Many of my constituents have been parking up their cars and trying to use the buses a bit more where they can because the cost of fuel and of course any reduction of service is going to have a much bigger effect they would have done some years ago."

Bournemouth Echo: Yellow Buses went into administration last weekYellow Buses went into administration last week

Yellow Buses was handed over to accountants Milsted Langdon LLP last week. 

A statement by the firm said staff have been paid and they are doing “all they can” to ensure the business operates “as normal as possible”. 

The statement added: “Negotiations with a large national operator have entered the final stages and we hope to be able to conclude within a matter of days.”