A MAN in Christchurch was the victim of a scam after he was approached by two women posing as charity workers. 

The man was approached on Friday, July 29 in Purewell, outside Priory Veterinary Group, and asked him to fill out a survey. 

When the male provided some information, the females shook his hand and attempted to hug him, in the processes attempting to remove his watch from his wrist. 

A spokesperson for Christchurch Police gave advice to the public, saying: “This is a similar method of crime to incidents which we have seen in the past, and we want to encourage members of the public to be aware of their valuables and personal space when approached by any person on the street, especially when being asked for personal information.  

“Avoid presenting your wallet or purse to such individuals and refuse to hand over bank cards for identification purposes, which is another scam we have seen in the past.  

“You are under no obligation to engage with such individuals nor to provide them with any personal information.  

“Charitable workers for established charities will also have clear identification, usually in the form of lanyards, and should not ask for you to hand over any valuables or present bank cards. 

“If you have any information regarding the incident on Friday, please contact Dorset Police on our website by calling 101 and quote reference number 55220123072.”