Escape to Villa Donna, forget your worries and enjoy two and a half hours of awesome music, fantastic costumes and a brilliant story.

Family and friends are at the core of this and it was a treat to take my children to watch the touring West End stage show at the Pavilion.

The set is creative, clever and simple and it is the simplicity of what you see that whisks you away to a Greek island, my son who is nine said he was really impressed with ‘ they have done it all with just one set mummy’.

Bournemouth Echo:

The cast is amazing, Donna and the Dynamos, the three want-to-be-dads, Sky, Sophie and the chorus embrace the fantastic storyline of a young girl ready to marry who wants her father to give her away.

The twist is her mum has never told her who her real dad is so she finds her mum's diaries and tracks down three possible dads…inviting them all to the big day!

By the end of the show everyone was up, singing and dancing!

Wrapped up in sunshine, laughter and nearly twenty ABBA classics we can’t recommend it more!

Mamma Mia is on at the Pavilion until July 30.

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