A CAFE owner has hit back at an “unfair” review left on Google, saying small businesses “may take longer” to provide food

A woman left a bad review of Sonny’s Kitchen, in Alder Road after a recent visit, claiming the service was slow after waiting for 50 minutes for food to arrive. 

But owner Sonny Cafe hit back online, saying a small, family run business such as his may sometimes take a little longer to serve food – adding: “If you’re grumpy, please go to McDonald’s and get a Happy Meal.” 

Bournemouth Echo: The hilarious sign is on a baby's highchair reminding grumpy customersThe hilarious sign is on a baby's highchair reminding grumpy customers

On a visit by the Daily Echo, we sat down with Sonny and he explained his response to the review. 

“I wanted to emphasise that we are a small, family-run business and that sometimes, if we’re busy, the food may take a little while to come out,” he said. 

“I just felt the review was a little unfair as she knows our situation. I just wanted to set it straight whilst trying to be as least rude as I could be and professional.  

Bournemouth Echo: The cafe is far from a greasy spoonThe cafe is far from a greasy spoon

“She came in with her family and friends, but they all came in separately at separate times and the orders were scattered. 

“It seems like she was already in a bad mood when she came in and she's taken it out on us. 

“I like to make sure the food is good – I don't want to put out food I wouldn’t eat. I would rather put quality before speed.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Sonny set up his cafe last yearSonny set up his cafe last year

Sonny set up his business last year and it was clear he already has loyal customers – he received many waves and beeps from drivers passing by during our visit.

His café is far from a greasy spoon, too – the menu serves an array of hot drinks, fancy pizzas (with local cheese) and various burgers – including vegetarian options. 

Sat outside Sonny’s Kitchen with a burger (arriving at the table in a very respectable time), Sonny said he believes more small businesses should stick up for themselves. 

He added: “If it's fair, I would take it on the chin all day. If I've messed up the food and somebody gave me bad feedback, I may even offer them a free breakfast. 

“I'd like to thank everyone that's come in and is a regular and understands our situation.”