HOLIDAYMAKERS are ditching the chaos of Dover this summer in favour of the Port of Poole

Queues of up to four hours have been reported in the Port of Dover during the weekend, as issues at border patrol have eliminated any chance of a quick crossing across the English Channel. 

The Port of Poole has bucked the trend and has not seen any delays in ferry crossings into France. 

John Till, a railway manager from west Dorset, and his mother, Edna Johnson, 87, were due to travel to the Port of Dover on Friday but reports of the disruption prompted him to spend £400 changing his plans. 

Bournemouth Echo: Poole Harbour has seen no delays for its holidaymakersPoole Harbour has seen no delays for its holidaymakers

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“I saw that people had already been queuing for four hours,” the 45-year-old said. 

“I’m taking my elderly mother over to see some friends in Bavaria, Germany, so I have a really long drive on the other side when we arrive. 

“I couldn’t run the risk of being stuck in a queue for four hours with no toilets and the horrendous drive the other side, so at half four this morning I made the snap decision to rebook travel with Brittany Ferries and travel from the Port of Poole, which is a lot more expensive.” 

Mr Till said he had “no other choice” than to make the £400 change because the trip had been in the works for a “very long time” and there was “no way I was going to let my mum down”. 

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Bournemouth Echo: Port of PoolePort of Poole

Operating from the Port of Poole is Brittany Ferries, sailing to Cherbourg in France, and Condor Ferries, which sails to St Malo in France and Guernsey. 

Nigel Wonnacott, spokesman for Brittany Ferries, said: “It was smooth sailing into our ports and onto ships throughout the weekend, including Poole. 

“There were no delays or queues on roads leading to ships and we expect this to continue throughout the summer holiday season.” 

Brittany Ferries also saw a “last-minute scramble” for the few remaining places on board Barfleur, one of their ferries sailing from Poole.