A PROPOSAL has been lodged to build apartments in one of the busiest areas of Christchurch.

A planning application has been launched to build a three-storey block of apartments at 55 Somerford Road.

The proposal outlines the demolishment of an existing property to make space for nine apartments, each with two bedrooms, as well as bin and bike stores, and visitors parking spaces.

It is the fourth attempt by developers to build on the site.

In 2007, an application was submitted to flatten the existing property to make room for a block of 14 flats, but this was later withdrawn.

In 2018, a second application was filed to BCP Council to demolish the property to build three flats, one bungalow, and three houses. It was refused, and had a later appeal dismissed.

Then, in 2020 a third application was submitted to flatten the property to build five houses. This was also refused, and had a later appeal dismissed.

Bournemouth Echo: Images from the Design and Access StatementImages from the Design and Access Statement

The latest application by developer Fox Homes Limited is said to have considered the reason for the past refusals, including the effect it would have on pedestrians, cyclists and motorists, as well as protected trees in the area.

The design and access statement submitted to BCP Council reads: “The new proposal has been designed taking into consideration previous main issues of refusal, taking into account the inspectors comments and ensuring the new design and layout overcomes the issues raised.

“Following previous development within the surrounding area this proposal seeks to utilise all the land effectively and efficiently to provide much needed residential accommodation within this location, and will assist the local authority in meeting its housing requirements.

“The new proposal has been designed to be in keeping with the existing surrounding area whilst adding a more visually appealing addition to Somerford Road.

“The proposed apartments are of a traditional design. They consist of a combination of both hipped and gabled roofs and dormer windows and balconies to the first floor, the proposals are similar to other developments in the surrounding area.”