THE new trailer for The Sandman, which will be streamed on Netflix next month, has been released - but does it feature Sandbanks?

Crews for the series set up base in Sandbanks in April last year, although staff members were tight-lipped about what they were filming.

Bournemouth Echo: Filming taking place on the promenade on Sandbanks beach on Wednesday March 31 for a DC miniseries to be shown on Netflix

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They were there for around a week which led to huge speculation about what was going on.

The production team recorded scenes with around 130 extras at the popular beach and a section of the promenade was closed as retro street vendors, palm trees, parasols occupied the space.

American flags were seen waving from the tops of the building overlooking the beach.

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The ten-part series will be available to stream on August 5 on Netflix, with Tom Sturrridge playing lead character Dream.

Game of Thrones star Gwendoline Christie also plays a lead role and Stephen Fry will feature as well.

And now the trailer has been released, can you spot Sandbanks?