FURTHER to the article regarding the shutting of Branksome Chine’s toilet facilities.

At Durley Chine, we to are having huge problems with the public using the rear of beach huts as toilets.

The beach wardens were already aware from early morning that the smell from behind these huts had become unbearable as requests were made by the hut owners for the area to be cleaned.

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The problem is exasperated by the removal of the toilet facilities to build the Eco Hub, that apparently was deemed more important by BCP.

Those toilets may have been old but they had many more cubicles than we have been given in replacement.

Three mixed sex loos at Chineside and temporary Portaloos beside these.

The ladies have only four cubicles, which are in poor condition, often filthy.

Queues of forty or more people at these toilets this weekend.

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How can this number of facilities be enough to cope with the customers at Chineside and three hundred plus people between each beach groyne at Durley Chine? The council needs to give us back our human dignity and replace what they have taken away.

We the beach hut owners are angry as we pay through our fees for facilities and we should at least expect the council to provide what we pay for.


Greenhill Close,