MEMBERS of the public have reacted to illegal parking that caused chaos on a Bournemouth road over the weekend.

Multiple cars parked on the pavement in East Overcliff Drive on Sunday, leaving the road gridlocked, and with buses and ambulances struggling to get through.

The scene was described as “dangerous”, and now residents want to prevent it from happening again.

We asked people on Twitter what they think the solution is, and we got fines, prosecution, clamping, and a complete vehicle ban.

David Albert said: “Why there are no BCP cars with reg plates recognition cameras driving around and issuing fines? £100 each fine and circulate the figures and scare prospect visitors in social media to deter any more doing it. When I go abroad no one contemplates to drive and park by the beach.”

Steve Hayes said: “Prosecute & tow them to a place a good distance away. Would need a large area to keep them. Maybe near the airport? A large fine and make them wait at least 24 or 48 hours before they can pay collect them. So would need to book a local B&B or Hotel. Advertise that is the penalty."

Bournemouth Echo: The chaos at East Overcliff Drive on SundayThe chaos at East Overcliff Drive on Sunday

Emma said: “Higher fines & towing more - costs go back into a pot to fund more wardens & recovery vehicles. Parking is £17.80 for a day, yet fines are £25+£35 depending on offence type. Not really a deterrent, especially for a full car splitting the cost or used to London/city prices!”

David said: "Perhaps strongly enforce current parking controls. If needed bring new measures in. Also on a Sunday, how about decent bus services. Then not as many locals will drive adding to the crockles!"

Andrew Robertson said: “During the summer, close East Overcliff drive to vehicles, bar residents, blue-badge holders, and buses. Enforce illegal parking elsewhere with a towaway policy. If the council did it properly, it might even be income generating."

Another said: “Ban motor vehicles in the town centre with the exception of disabled drivers.”

Jay said: “A park and ride scheme that doesn’t just go to one place.”

Sarah said: "Manned drop off points maybe? 15 mins, then move."