A BEACH hut owner has lashed out at the council for lack of communication after locked public toilets at Branksome led to beachgoers relieving themselves behind her hut.

The woman, who does not wish to be named, pays more than £2,500 a year for her beach hut at Branksome Chine and described the state of public facilities on offer over the weekend as “frankly disgusting”.

She told the Echo: “I went down to my hut at Branksome on Sunday morning but saw that both men’s and women’s public toilets were completely locked up. I assumed it was temporary but by the time I left at 3pm they were still closed.

“There was no signage saying why they were shut, they were just locked all day, nor was there any signage directing visitors to the nearest open toilets.

“I went to the beach hut office and there was nobody there – one of the hottest days of the year, and no one was there.

Bournemouth Echo: Public toilets at Branksome ChinePublic toilets at Branksome Chine

“In the end I think people go to desperate measures and it doesn’t take much imagination to understand what people ended up doing behind our beach huts. I can actually understand why they were forced to do that.

“But as someone who pays a lot of money each year for the hut, I don’t want people going to the toilet behind it – and neither do they. Imagine how desperate they must have been.”

The woman added the situation could easily have been avoided had the council provided simple signage explaining why the toilet was shut, an estimated date of reopening and a direction to the nearest facility.

“Have some accountability and be there,” she said.

“Such a hot, busy day and they were nowhere to be seen. It’s all very well disclosing plans of action the day before, but they were just not implemented and doesn’t look good to tourists coming here.

“I just think BCP Council’s biggest problem is not communicating well enough, especially on things which shouldn’t be difficult to explain.”

A BCP Council spokesperson said: "Branksome Chine toilets were closed due to electrical issues which stopped the sewage pumps from working.

"Signage on site was put up alerting beachgoers to the closure and the nearest available open toilets. The toilets remain closed whilst investigations continue. Temporary toilet provision will be installed at this location as soon as possible until the issues are resolved."