A CONCERT-goer from Poole has hit out at organisers of an upcoming Michael Bublé performance.

Jane Willmott has tickets for the open-air Evening with Michael Bublé concert on the grounds of Chewton Glen on Monday, July 18, but says she was “totally mis-sold” the event which she says was advertised as a small picnic-style event for 300 people.

In the days before the concert, it has transpired the event is actually being held in a nearby field which is only accessible by a 15-minute walk from the main car park along an “uneven path”.

Additionally, it is believed that ‘thousands’ of people could attend the event – which is standing only as visitors are not allowed to bring their own seating, food or drink, with the exception of a single 500ml bottle of water.

Jane Willmott said she and her family were “so excited” to get their tickets back in 2020. But the no seating rule, on a day when temperatures could top 31C, has left her wanting her £500 back.

Bournemouth Echo: Michael Bublé is due to perform at Chewton Glen on Monday, June 18Michael Bublé is due to perform at Chewton Glen on Monday, June 18

Jane told the Echo: “It was advertised as an evening with Michael Bublé in a picnic setting where we could bring our own food and chairs. That’s not what they’re saying now and we feel totally mis-sold.

“If we’re being honest, we know most of the audience are going to be over 40s because that’s the bulk of his fanbase. It’s going to be the hottest day of the year, so do they really expect pregnant women and elderly people to stand up in that heat for five hours? For me, that’s outrageous.”

Other people have taken to social media to voice their concerns over the event.

One person posted on Facebook: "When we booked Buble two years ago this was a picnic event."

Another said: "I'm extremely disappointed by this change of event. Totally mis-sold. I got the tickets for my mum who will be unable to stand for this long. Not the 300 people picnic event it was described as. Disgraceful."

However, a representative from organiser Senbla said chairs have never been allowed on site and the claims that the event was initially advertised for around 300 people was "completely and wholly inaccurate”.

Prohibited items for the concert include:

  • Seats or chairs of any kind
  • Bags larger than A3 size
  • Umbrellas
  • Food or drink (except one small bottle of water)
  • Banners and flags

The concert is being organised by Senbla. Chewton Glen has nothing to do with its planning as they merely rent the space.

Following the huge response on social media an event spokesperson said: “We thought it would be helpful to clarify a few things.

“Although chairs and food are not permitted to be brought on site, you are welcome to bring a blanket to sit on prior to the show and enjoy the delicious range of food and drink offerings we have available in the arena grounds.

Bournemouth Echo: Overview of concert location at Chewton Glen in New MiltonOverview of concert location at Chewton Glen in New Milton

“Due to the adverse weather conditions which we of course have noted, we would like to remind guests to bring sun cream and protective clothing for the afternoon and your sealed or refillable water bottles. Anybody who needs support can head to the welfare area where our lovely team of medical staff are on hand to help. We have also taken the necessary precautions to increase the medical staff for the concert to make sure assistance is provided quickly and efficiently for those who need it.”

Jane added: “What was sold to us as an idyllic picnic concert is now going to be bedlam.

“My parents are really upset because this was a present for them and they can’t go now. My dad is 80, a massive Bublé fan and was so looking forward to it. But he’s waiting on a knee operation so can’t stand for long.

“I think the organisers should put their hands up and take some responsibility. It’s absolutely disgusting.”