ALMOST 30 years ago, Bournemouth council designated the Old Christchurch Road Conservation Area.

It stretches out to St Peter’s Church, across to Norfolk Royal Hotel and even part of Westover Road. Heritage England offers grants under their partnership schemes in Conservation Areas.

This flagship town centre should be cherished and appreciated if we want to attract businesses, residents and visitors.

Historic buildings with windows flashing fruit machines, boarded up or blacked out for strip clubs don’t exactly inspire confidence in anyone wanting to invest.

Sacrificing everything for a night time economy that is out of control has dragged the area down. It’s time to cut back on gambling, because addicts to this tragically close shops through their thefts, and clip the wings of any bar sending customers out “fighting drunk”.

It’s not about stopping people having fun, but keeping people safe, not scared, on a night out. BCP has the power, through the licensing committee, to transform this neglected part of Bournemouth, and I look forward to more being done on this front.

SUSAN STOCKWELL Britannia Road, Poole