BOURNEMOUTH MP and Boris Johnson ally Conor Burns has given his “ongoing and full support” for the Prime Minister following the resignation of Rishi Sunak and Sajid Javid.

Mr Burns gave the public backing to Mr Johnson in the House of Commons when speaking in his role as Northern Ireland minister.

Mr Sunak resigned as Chancellor of the Exchequer and Mr Javid resigned as Health Secretary on Tuesday evening.

This took place moments after the Prime Minister issued a statement saying he should have sacked Chris Pincher from the Government after the 2019 incident which saw him investigated by the Foreign Office.

Speaking at the despatch box while responding to an adjournment debate on issues relating to the Northern Ireland Assembly and executive, Mr Burns said: “When the Prime Minister asked me to serve as minister of state in the Northern Ireland Office last September I became only the second minister in the 50-year history of the Northern Ireland Office to serve who is from Northern Ireland.

“And as someone who is a Catholic, a supporter of the union, from Belfast, I feel passionately about Northern Ireland and her wonderful people.

“And I express tonight my enduring gratitude to the Prime Minister for that opportunity to serve.

“And as has often been said in the past, the best way to keep a secret is to say something on the floor of the House of Commons, so from this despatch box tonight I use this opportunity to express my ongoing and full support to my right honourable friend the Prime Minister as he helps us move to a position where we restore the power-sharing institutions that the people of Northern Ireland need so much.”

Mr Burns, who is MP for the Bournemouth West constituency, said the debate in the House of Commons was taking place at the end of a “turbulent day”.