A WOMAN was forced to drive for two and a half hours from Poole to Newport to collect her passport just hours before her holiday.

Rebecca Weeden booked to fly to Majorca on July 5 with her husband and two children, aged five and seven.

But despite applying for passports 11 weeks ago, Rebecca had not received her son's passport 24 hours before they were due to fly. 

Every one else in her family received one within four to eight weeks. 

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The mother said she was “losing sleep” at the thought of telling her children they cannot go on holiday and losing more than £2,500.

But now she has been to collect her son’s passport at HM Passport Office in Newport, Wales.

Rebecca said: “All good news I am in Newport and have just collected the passport.” 

As reported, Rebecca criticised HM Passport Office, describing the situation as a “shambles”. 

She added: "The government advises people to allow up to 10 weeks for passport renewals, we have been waiting 11 weeks and still have no idea where the passport is.  

"Somebody on the phone lied to us and said the passport was just waiting to be printed. I knew that was a lie because you get emails with updates and I haven't had any since May.” 

Before Rebecca collected her passport, a HMPO spokesperson said: “We apologise for the delay issuing this passport and will be in contact with Ms Weedon as a matter of urgency to arrange collection.”