THE world is 'unravelling' and at its most perilous since the rise of Hitler, says MP Tobias Ellwood.

And the Bournemouth East MP said many politicians and leaders in NATO privately realise the West should have stood up to Russia before it invaded Ukraine.

He told the Echo: “Yes there would have been a Cuban missile crisis moment, looking Russia in the eye to see who blinked first but ultimately that’s what we should have done to defend democracy.

“In my view Ukraine cannot win the war based on the current level of support they are getting from the West. We need to do more.

"If every country in NATO gave as much assistance as Britain has done, the situation would be very different, but that hasn’t happened. We have been too hesitant and too slow to stand up to Russia.”

He said 'Ukraine fatigue' in some countries was a real problem because the world was 'unravelling.'

Mr Ellwood, chair of the Commons Defence Select Committee, echoed comments by the head of the army General Sir Patrick Sanders that deterring Russia means 'more of the army ready more of the time.'

Britain and its allies are facing their 1937 moment, he said last week.

The Bournemouth East MP said the war in Ukraine was directly linked to the cost of living crisis with the rocketing cost of grain, oil and gas.

“That link also begs the question as to why we did not go into Ukraine with a formidable force in the first place. Once Russia invaded, that’s a whole different ballgame.”

Mr Ellwood, a former soldier, said the world had “entered a new age of insecurity because of course behind Russia sits China and we need to confront and address that.

"China will soon overtake America militarily, economically and technologically.

"Russia and China believe this is their century now. There is a lack of leadership in the West and it is a very dangerous time. The whole world order is at stake.

"The West needs to do more in supplying Ukraine with the most advanced weapons systems and other equipment which will make a difference to their fighting capability."

Mr Ellwood said it has been a good week for NATO with the Madrid summit.

“Go back a year and it was very bruised, departing Afghanistan and not sure what its purpose was.

“Because of Russia there is a new sense of resolve and purpose. It’s good to see Britain leading the way with two battle groups in Estonia and we have been training the Ukrainians since 2014. We have been ahead of the game as far as most NATO countries.

“The challenge for NATO is there is a fire outside of the club next to it and should NATO be trying to put it out for fear of it spreading elsewhere.”

He said Sweden and Finland, which have spent decades walking a fine line in their relationship with Russia recognise the world is getting more dangerous and have decided they need to join NATO.

Many leaders are failing to grasp that this is not just about Ukraine and that our world is unravelling.

The catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan last year had sent "all the wrong messages."

And Mr Ellwood who has publicly clashed with Boris Johnson over the military said the commitment by the government to spend 2.5 per cent of GDP on defence by 2030 was simply not enough.

“That’s eight years away and ultimately we are not reversing the cuts of 10,000 personnel to our army, we are not reversing the cuts to our tanks, our army fighting vehicles, our planes.

"It is not possible for us to do our duty and lead and defend our interests across the world, now including the Baltics and the Black Sea on this basis.”

Asked whether the country could afford more defence spending as well as the investment needed in the NHS and care system he added: "You can see how the breach in world order in Ukraine has had massive effect domestically.

"If you look after the international community, you look after your economy and prosperity. It’s in our interests to be strong. That’s why defence counts."