A CONSULATION is to be held into the future of a well-loved community hall in Christchurch.

Members of the public will be given a say in plans for Druitt Hall, following a “disorderly” council meeting held last week.

The consultation will see refurbishment plans paused while all possible options for the hall are outlined.

Druitt Hall has remained a subject of discussion for the ancient borough, with some councillors and residents calling for improvement works, and others asking for it to be replaced completely.

The work initially proposed for the hall involved a window replacement scheme. During the meeting on Tuesday, June 28, Cllr Luscombe said that new windows would see the building last “for many years to come” and he would not support a rebuild at this stage.

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Conflicting views were evident throughout the meeting, with the minutes reporting: “The committee was divided as some members considered that Druitt Hall was near the end of its life span and that a completely new building would be more cost effective instead of replacement windows.”

Bournemouth Echo: Druitt Hall in ChristchurchDruitt Hall in Christchurch

Members of the public reportedly intervened in the meeting's proceedings, forcing it to be temporarily suspended at 7.35pm due to “disorderly conduct”.

The meeting was reconvened at 7.45pm when plans for a consultation were proposed by Cllr David Jones and seconded by Cllr Sue Bungey. Minutes of the meeting reported that it is “appropriate to consult the whole community of Christchurch prior to any substantive decision”.

It also outlined the introduction of a working group to “investigate how best to consult the people of Christchurch and the trustees and users of the Druitt Hall and its environs on this matter.”

Following the decision, Cllr Simon McCormack told the Daily Echo that he wants to be sure the best decision is made for Druitt Hall. He said: “I just want to be extremely careful that the taxpayers money is well spent.”

The working group are due to report back their findings in a meeting on July 11.