A TIP was closed for a prolonged period after a resident brought a Yugoslavian land mind to the site for disposal.

Nuffield Recycling Centre in Poole closed on Saturday lunchtime and remained shut for the rest of the day.

This move was taken for the safety of "public and staff" at the Nuffield Industrial Estate.

Police called a bomb disposal unit to the tip and the device was identified as a land mind. The recycling centre reopened on Sunday as normal.

A BCP Council spokesperson said: “Nuffield Recycling Centre was closed on Saturday from 12.30pm, for public and staff safety, due to an unknown device being brought on to the site for disposal by a resident.

“Staff remained at the site entrance to direct residents wanting to dispose of their waste to Millhams Recycling Centre. The Police attended to manage the traffic. Ammunition Technical Officers attended to assess the device.

“The device turned out to be a Yugoslavian land mine. It had no main charge and was therefore not live. The device was removed at 5pm.

“The site was open as usual on Sunday.

“We apologise for any inconvenience to residents who turned up and were unable to use the facility.”