PASSENGERS on a TUI flight were left disappointed after being diverted to Gatwick – with one passenger claiming the plane arrived back in Bournemouth before he did.  

The TUI flight from Tenerife on Friday, June 17 was due to land in Bournemouth Airport just after midnight on June 18 but was diverted 110 miles away in Gatwick Airport, London.  

But passengers were left with an early dose of post-holiday blues after being left stranded outside Gatwick Airport in the cold for hours. 

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Holidaymaker Josh Glover had enjoyed his holiday on the Spanish island but was left disappointed by the “lack of communication” by TUI. 

He said: We were told of a two-hour delay and we would land at Gatwick instead. The pilot apologised before we left. But he also said there would be reps and three buses waiting at Gatwick for us. 

“We got our suitcases and went outside and there was nothing.  

Bournemouth Echo: The TUI flight was delayed by two hours (PA)The TUI flight was delayed by two hours (PA)

“After about 40 minutes waiting outside in the cold, a rep showed up and she told us that they weren’t aware of a flight divert and that there were no buses.” 

Josh claims passengers were only allowed to use taxis contracted to TUI – but that there wasn’t any waiting. 

Eventually, he got a train at 6am and paid £25 for the ticket. “I asked if they would reimburse the money but they said they wouldn’t because it wasn’t organised by TUI,” he added. 

“It’s not the £25 that bothers me, it’s the actual communication from TUI. 

“The plane we arrived on in Gatwick arrived back to Bournemouth before we arrived there. It had a flight first thing from Bournemouth.” 

"I understand there are delays and potential problems. But what they did was not arrange any transport knowing there was a diversion.” 

Bournemouth Echo: The flight was supposed to land at Bournemouth AirportThe flight was supposed to land at Bournemouth Airport

Josh pointed out he left the hotel in Tenerife at 5pm and didn’t get back to Bournemouth until 9am the following day.  

A spokesperson for TUI said: “We’d like to apologise to customers on flight TOM6597 from Tenerife to Bournemouth on 17th June, which was diverted to Gatwick due to operational issues.  

“Our teams worked hard to secure transfers back to Bournemouth for all customers, however due to lack of availability meant this took longer than usual.  

“We understand that last-minute delays and diversions are incredibly disappointing and would like to reassure customers that we do everything we can to get them home as planned.”