A PUB has been given the green light for a new covered outdoor seating area.

Westwood Studios secured permission for the project at the Fisherman’s Haunt in Winkton, Christchurch, which is owned and operated by Fuller’s.

A statement from Walsingham Planning on behalf of the applicant said the proposed timber framed pergola was for the patio/beer garden area of the site in Salisbury Road.

“This structure will have removable roof panels that can be used to provide the seating with shelter from inclement weather,” the statement said.

“The proposals will allow more flexible use of this space, making it usable for a greater part of the year.

“At the same time, the space will be well ventilated to give comfort to customers concerned about Covid-19 or should this become necessary due to further Covid related restrictions.”

The application was approved by BCP Council planning officers under delegated powers.