A SERIES of fun photographs starring man’s best friend have been taken by Daily Echo Camera Club member Daniel Sheridan.

Daniel, who has spent years photographing dogs for clients, has shared his latest work with the Canon 11-24mm.

He said: “I normally shoot with much longer lenses and with a different kind of look, but as it gets to sunnier weather it can be a nightmare shooting in bright sunlight.

“I tried out the Canon 11-24m which is about as wide you can get with auto focus on a full frame camera.”

Daniel contacted his clients to round up the four-legged friends, which he then featured in a series of stunning photographs.

“Dogs are the best thing on the planet. I’ve shot portraits of people, and babies, but dogs are just the best out of everything.

“I’ve met so many, and I used to have seven dogs, all rescues.

“Their behaviour is something people don’t always understand, but when you’ve been around that many you learn their little quirks and know what the behaviour and body language of certain breeds.”

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