EXPANSION plans for an independent school in New Milton will see pupils able to stay until year 11.

Durlston Court School is preparing to extend its provision to allow pupils, current and new, to continue their education through to year 11 and GCSE examinations.

The school has outlined plans to welcome year 9 pupils from September 2023, year 10 from September 2024 and the first year 11 cohort in September 2025.

They also hope to recruit additional staff to join their existing specialist subject teachers, who are already trained to teach GCSE.

Headmaster Richard May said: “With our nurturing and supportive environment and all the advantages that provides, parents have increasingly been asking me whether we could consider taking Durlston Court to GCSE.

Bournemouth Echo: Durlston Court School. Picture: Lisa LilleyDurlston Court School. Picture: Lisa Lilley

“Our Common Entrance curriculum has always provided an excellent foundation for future study and as the nature of senior schools is changing, we felt it was the right time for us to extend our provision.

“After extensive research, consultations and planning, we are confident that we can successfully balance the Durlston ethos of a supportive family environment with extending our exceptional teaching and learning opportunities to Year 11.”

Senior pupils will be taught the core subjects with further options of art, drama, music, design and technology, business studies, geography, history, religious studies, computing, physical education, and a second language.