POSTAL services across Dorset are set to be impacted by strike action announced by trade union the Communication Workers Union (CWU).

The CWU - which represents Post Office workers - announced that workers would go on strike throughout the country on July 11.

The CWU said all 114 of Britain’s Crown Post Offices would close for the day following a ‘woefully inadequate’ offer of a 3% pay rise with a £500 lump sum.

CWU Assistant Secretary Andy Furey said: “No worker wants to be in this situation, but Post Office bosses can’t be surprised that callous decisions are challenged by our members.

“This dispute is about dignity and respect for hard-working employees – essential public servants who, as key workers, provided unprecedented customer service during the pandemic.

“Our members feel betrayed and will not tolerate their living standards being smashed by people in charge of a public service that due to our members’ efforts made tens of millions of pounds in annual profits.

“To Post Office bosses, our message is: get real on pay, get round the bargaining table for meaningful negotiations and settle this dispute, or further action will be taken.”

Post Office workers, including in the Gillingham branch, have already taken strike action twice this year.

In addition, Royal Mail workers are currently being balloted over whether they should take strike action in a separate pay dispute.