A PETITION has been launched calling for the Bournemouth Triangle to be rebranded 'The Vegan Triangle’.

The nickname was given to the area after it welcomed a number of vegan eateries and businesses, including Mad Cucumber, Mighty Wieners, and Twelve Eatery, as well as vegan organic supermarket, Sunrise Organics.

Now, in celebration of the plant-powered cuisine offerings, a member of the public is campaigning to have rebrand made official.

The ePetition argues a name change would promote “healthier more sustainable lifestyles in the area”.

It also suggests a move towards plant-based diets would be beneficial for the town. It reads: “We call on the council to follow recommendations of the Plant Based Treaty by promoting healthy plant-based diets as part of a range of measures to address the climate, ocean and biodiversity crisis.

“BCP can lead the way on climate policy by encouraging residents to go plant-based for the planet and formally recognise the contribution of vegan businesses in The Triangle to meeting our climate pledges by renaming the zone The Vegan Triangle.”

The petition can be viewed at https://democracy.bcpcouncil.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?ID=165&RPID=0&HPID=0