THE PARTNER of a Bournemouth woman who suffered a severe cardiac arrest after a near fatal reaction to an antibiotic has given a promising update on her condition.

Singer and sales director Andrea Owen’s heart stopped beating for at least 10 minutes on Tuesday, May 24, after a severe reaction to an antibiotic before a routine implant procedure caused her to suffer an anaphylactic shock.

Andrea, 37, was rushed to Bournemouth Hospital where she was given lifesaving treatment.

While she remains in intensive care, her partner Steve Richardson was pleased to tell the Echo that his “beautiful” Andrea is now off sedation, receiving physiotherapy and responding to some commands.

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth singer Andrea Owen with her partner Steve RichardsonBournemouth singer Andrea Owen with her partner Steve Richardson

He said: “It has been four weeks now and Andrea has now almost recovered physically. She’s not on any ventilator or sedation anymore and they took the tracheotomy out last week, which is great.

“The problem now really is assessing the damage she has to her brain.

“The painful part of this is the not knowing – it’s not a broken leg that you can put a cast on, it feels like an endless piece of string at the moment.

“But she is making progress. She is moving in tiny bits at a time and responding to some instructions – like when her nurse asks her to poke her tongue out for tablets, she can do that.

“I have got the odd small smile from her on a couple of visits – seeing that just lights your life up and is keeping me hopeful.”

Bournemouth Echo: Andrea and her brother Ian BallAndrea and her brother Ian Ball

Prior to the Echo’s first story on Andrea’s fight, her younger brother Ian set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to aid her recovery and raised nearly £750 in just a few days.

Since then, donations have more than doubled as friends, family and strangers have now raised £1,555.

“If I’m honest I set up the GoFundMe with very little hope of actually receiving any donations,” said Ian, who is one of Andrea’s four siblings.

“It’s been incredible and extremely generous from all the people who have donated to help Andrea. I thank every one of the donators.”

Most of Andrea’s family are based in the West Midlands, making regular visits to her in hospital difficult. Ian is getting married in August and has arranged for Steve to help Andrea watch the ceremony via video call from the hospital.

Bournemouth Echo: Bournemouth singer Andrea OwenBournemouth singer Andrea Owen

While Steve says the “ultimate goal” is to get Andrea back on stage singing, he and her family are now solely focused on her being able to enjoy life as comfortably as possible.

He added: “All the friends and family have really clubbed together and are willing to do anything we can to bring her back to us.

“She’s got a long way to go but we’ll keep praying and will be there when she comes back.”

To help Andrea, visit for more information.