OFFICERS from Bournemouth Police have rescued two little ducklings which were found on a busy dual carriageway. 

Officers from Bournemouth South D Squad Response found the ducklings in the central reservation of the A338 on Wednesday, June 22. 

The ducks were rescued and taken to the local vets. 

After dusting off their book of puns, a spokesperson for Bournemouth Police took to social media and said: “Officers from Bournemouth South D Squad Response attended the A338 yesterday to quack the case of a brood of ducklings reported to be in the central reservation.  

“Conduckting an area search, officers located the fair-feathered friends and these two were placed in the back of the police car for their own safety. 

“Utilising a good bird whistle (not taught as part of training), an officer managed to coax one of the ducklings to safety, with the other friend following over.  

“A quick name check through the police system revealed they were not robber duckies.  

“The ducklings gave no eggsplanation as to why they were on the dual carriageway but to save them waddling, they were taken to the local vets.”