THIS is the adorable moment a deer was spotted bouncing around in Baiter Park before making the decision to swim across the harbour.

The Sika deer was first snapped at 9.12am on Thursday morning bouncing along baiter park waterfront in Poole.

Poole resident Tracy Lewis, who watched the animal and captured footage of it, said: "It was just fascinating to watch, he was jumping and running right by me.

"It wasn't scared at all, I even saw a mother and her child having to step back because it was getting too close.

"It was running up and down for ages and in the end, he made the decision to swim across the harbour to Brownsea Island way."

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Bournemouth Echo: Sika deer spotted in baiter parkSika deer spotted in baiter park

Sika are a non-native species from Asia and can swim considerable distances, according to the Dorset Wildlife Trust.

The non-native species were introduced to Brownsea Island in 1896 date but, being such good swimmers, soon colonised surrounding areas of the harbour in their search for the best food.

Tracy said: "I don't know if it managed to get to the other side because it was so far I lost sight of it. 

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Bournemouth Echo: Sika deer swimming across harbour whilst two men in boat check on itSika deer swimming across harbour whilst two men in boat check on it

"Luckily there were two men in a boat to keep an eye on it. They carefully followed behind it whilst it swam across checking it was not drowning.

"Only those two guys in the boat will know if it made it to the other side."

"I just hope the deer is okay and safe."

A spokesperson for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council previously said: "If you see the animal it needs to be left alone and given plenty of space to allow them to go about their day, making sure dogs are on leads."