TAXI drivers in Bournemouth have blasted the railway workers striking, as cabbies say they have been feeling the pinch this week. 

Dozens of railway workers have been gathering outside Bournemouth Railway Station demanding a pay rise and disputing job losses. 

But the protest means ordinary commuters cannot use trains this week, leaving the train station deserted. 

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Taxi driver Stephen Jones blasted the strikers, saying he “absolutely does not support them.”

He added: “It’s post-Covid now and the country is trying to get back on its feet. What are these people doing?

“They’re not badly paid – unlike nurses. 

“From what I’m told, train drivers can earn about £60,000 a year. 

“Yes, that isn’t everybody that works on the railways. And that may be just their basic pay. I believe some of them get paid more if they work certain shifts or overtime. 

“But I don’t have any sympathy with these people at all. 

“If this carries on, it could start an avalanche of other strikes. We could be going back to the era of the 1970s – power cuts, unemptied bins on the street.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Train workers outside the stationTrain workers outside the station

Read more: Rail strikes: Bournemouth train station deserted

Taxi driver Matt said: “We’re sat here for hours on end. My last job was 8.45am. It’s now half 10.  

“We work from the train station so it’s affecting us directly.” 

Taxi driver Mamood added: “On Tuesday, I did two jobs in four hours. It’s not good at all.

“People were badly affected on Monday because they didn’t know there was a strike. 

“Teachers and nurses deserve more.” 

Bournemouth Echo: Rail workers outside Bournemouth Train StationRail workers outside Bournemouth Train Station

Railway workers have been seen standing on the road outside the railway station this past week. 

People driving by will occasionally show their support with a toot of their horn. 

Workers and the RMT are not allowed to speak to the press, but one anonymously told the Echo: “The strike has been very well supported.”

Pete from the Socialist Workers’ Party was at the picket line supporting the strike. He said the “reaction of people going by has been very positive.  

“Predominantly, people support it because everybody is facing the cost of living crisis.”