A BAND from Bournemouth say they are "still in shock" as they prepare to play Glastonbury.

Street folk band, Dead Horse Bay are booked for seven different sets on five different stages. 

Frontman Matt Miles said: "Being invited to play Glastonbury is such a huge honour.

"We are still in shock that we are here at all so we're making the most of it by booking as many gigs on as many stages as possible to try and lay claim to the title of 'busiest band at Glastonbury'.

"We started out busking Bournemouth Gardens and the beachfront.

"From there we slowly started doing the local gig circuit at the local legend venues like Chaplins, No.11, Obsidian, and The Four Horseman. We were amazed when people chucked us pennies, paid gigs are still incredibly humbling.

Bournemouth Echo: Dead Horse Bay band on stage at Purbeck Valley Folk FestivalDead Horse Bay band on stage at Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

"As a band we kind of came up during Covid. Before that we were just making noise that we liked.

"Then when venues started asking for bands, we sheepishly raised our hand and dove in the deep end, having never really rigged properly before. Seemed to work. Kept getting booked."

Shaun Gary Palmer, the band's rhythm guitar player, said: "It's impossible to fully explain what playing here means to me.

"For the decade I've been performing music, my only real goal as a musician has been to be get booked to play Glastonbury."

You can watch Dead Horse Bay perform at Glastonbury on Saturday 1:15pm - Small World Stage, Saturday 4pm - Rimskis Yard and Sunday 8:30pm - Lizard Stage.