PLANS have been submitted to replace a car wash facility at a Poole petrol station with electric vehicle charging facilities.

Shell has tabled the proposal with BCP Council for its site in Waterloo Road at Darby’s Corner.

If approved, the single-storey car wash would be levelled and six electric vehicle charging spaces, with the relevant equipment for rapid charging, would be installed.

A planning statement submitted in support of the application said: “There are currently only several public electric charging points around the Poole area, which are mostly at car parks of supermarkets and other commercial premises.

“Of the current available electric vehicle chargers these only provide a slow charge and even less provide a fast charge. Some electric vehicle users and prospective owners may deem these to require too much time to charge their cars.

“The proposed electric vehicle chargers will be rapid chargers which will improve convenience for the electric car user and provide incentive for people to switch from petrol or diesel cars to a cleaner electric vehicle.

“The proposed new electric vehicle charging facility at the Shell petrol filling station will allow the site to modernise and move with the times while continuing to provide a service to local and passing vehicle users.”

The application includes replacing the car wash facility with two jet wash bays.

Shell plans to install a seating area with picnic tables and benches for motorists to use while their vehicles are charging.

The electric vehicle charging facility will require an upgraded electric supply so a new substation will be required.

“It is considered that the proposed electric vehicle charging facility at Shell Darby’s Corner will provide a well needed facility which will add to the growing electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the local area and nationally to help with the transition to a low emission future,” the planning statement added.

BCP Council planning officers are currently assessing the application.

Residents have until June 30 to submitted comments on the proposal through the online local authority planning portal.