Bournemouth McDonald's ASDA branch will be closed for a few weeks due to a significant renovation that will shorten queues. 

With the rise in delivery and the way customers order, collect and enjoy their fast-food continuing to evolve, the Bournemouth Asda restaurant will now offer a separate ‘McDelivery only’ area.

The new and improved restaurant, will re-open on Tuesday, July 5. Bosses have promised the redesign will deliver a better customer experience for all.

Owned and operated by local franchisee, Tony Bennett, the Bournemouth Asda restaurant is one of the first McDonald’s 'Convenience of the Future' restaurants in the UK. Delivery drivers will be able to go in and out of a dedicated courier entrance and service area.

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Bournemouth Echo: McDonald's located in Asda BournemouthMcDonald's located in Asda Bournemouth

It is hoped this will enable delivery drivers to collect orders more efficiently, reducing congestion in the dining area and giving walk-in takeaway and dining customers more space.

The dedicated delivery entrance will also mean there is less noise in the restaurant, creating a more relaxing atmosphere, particularly during peak busy times.

Customers will also see brand-new LED lighting and wall graphics made from recycled coffee cups; recyclable floor and wall tiles; plus furniture which is made from fully recycled materials and that is also fully recyclable itself.

The next nearest branch is in Old Christchurch Road.